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Worvart Pharma is a European pharmaceutical company, founded in 2006, headquartered in Ukraine. Vorvart Pharma has branches and conducts pharmaceutical business in such countries as Poland, Latvia, cooperates with partners in the CIS and Eastern Europe.
From 2006 to 2013 One of the priority areas of the company's activity was the conclusion of long-term contracts with reputable European manufacturers for the promotion of foreign brands in Ukraine.
Since 2013, the company's activities have gradually focused on the creation and development of its own brands, produced by CDMO Europe, Ukraine and other countries.

In 2018, the company was rebranded and the basic principles of activity and development were finally defined.
Vorvart Pharma's motto is Create and move forward.

After 15 years of active operations in the pharmaceutical markets, Vorvart Pharma has grown into a financially stable company with its own marketing and sales team, strategic development department, multi-focused product portfolio and steadily growing turnover.
A professional and motivated team is the company's most valuable asset. The management of Vorvars Pharma makes every effort to build a focused and results-oriented team that guarantees sustainable success of the company's products. Today, the company has more than 100 employees.
Among the partners-manufacturers of Vorvars Pharma products are certified European pharmaceutical plants with a serious reputation for reliability and quality of production. The main philosophy of the company's business development is to create and promote its own brands in hospital, gastroenterology, pediatrics, gynecology and general therapy.
Currently, the company's own line of brands includes about 40 products. Special attention should be paid to the products of the trend segment of preventive medicine in drinking form in the form of sticks, which provides high bioavailability and speed of pharmacological effects, ease of use and safety of long-term use of these products.
In 2020, the company took a major step in development, expanding its business opportunities through its own production facilities.
The strategic development plans for 2021 include the construction of production lines for the production of medical products.
In 2021, the company plans to increase its staff by 25% due to the entry into the market of a line of neurological products and diversification of activities in related areas.
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