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Mamalak - |
Mamalak®, drops 15 ml
Colic? Try Mamalak!
Mamalak in drops is easy to take, the product is well absorbed by the child's body, quickly eliminates colic. Gaziks bother most children, giving them constant discomfort. And when the stomach hurts in a child who does not sleep the whole family.
Mamalak is a lactase enzyme that breaks down lactose. It eliminates colic in a natural way, quickly improves well-being. Mamalak is prescribed to babies who were born underweight to accelerate growth. The product is natural, safe, affects the mother's milk, not the child's body. Release form - suspension. Each package contains 1 bottle filled with a solution, volume 15 ml, there is a convenient pipette-dispenser.
It is not a drug. Dietary supplement.
Mamalak®, capsules No. 30 and capsules No. 15
Mamalak capsules - salvation for your stomach
As a result of malnutrition, long treatment of antibiotics, previous operations, chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, the body stops fermenting lactase, which breaks down lactose when eating dairy products. As a result, milk-kefir-yogurt does not break down, but ferments, causing pain, bloating, vomiting, and belching.
Mamalak capsules contain a daily requirement of the enzyme lactase, which is responsible for the breakdown of lactose milk sugar. Mamalak prevents bloating, gas formation, abdominal pain. Dairy products can be consumed with the supplement without any health risks.
The growth of beneficial lactobacilli gradually increases, a healthy intestinal flora is restored, and calcium reserves are replenished. About 20 amino acids, minerals, vitamins enter the body from Mamalak.
Mamalak is an innovative natural product available in capsule form. The capsules are odorless, tasteless, taken together with dairy products. The dosage of the active substance is 7 or 30 mg.
It is not a drug. Dietary supplement.
Infant colic — is one of the main problems of motherhood and one of the most common
causes of anxiety for parents of infants and their referral to pediatricians
Colic symptoms
Sudden and severe attacks of crying and anxiety in babies for 3 or more hours a day at least 3 days a week for 3 weeks in a row - the "rule of three"
Appears from 2 weeks of age and reaches a "peak" at 2 months of age3

Onset and ends suddenly for no reason during or immediately after feeding, worse in the evening

Crying spells are prolonged, sometimes up to 2-3 hours
Picture of infant colic:
Cry, cry baby
Redness of the facial skin
Popping with feet
Sleep disturbance
Picture of infant colic:
Cry, cry baby
Redness of the facial skin
Popping with feet
Sleep disturbance

More about colic
What are the causes of infant colic?
In 80% of cases, the main cause of infant colic is a violation of the digestion of the main carbohydrate of breast milk or mixtures of β-lactose due to a deficiency of the enzyme lactase.In children, in the first months of life, the intestines are `` immature '', therefore, it does not release enough lactase enzyme to break down milk lactose - this is physiological. By 4-6 months, the enzyme is released enough, so the colic disappears.
Milk lactose, once in the baby's intestines, is partially broken down and partially fermented.Fermented lactose is gas bubbles that expand the intestines, that is, intestinal colic, spasms, and bloating occur. To get rid of gas and colic, you need to break down milk lactose, you need to add Mamalak - a lactase enzyme.
How does colic occur?
Physiological deficiency of the enzyme lactase.
Milk lactose is not broken down, but fermented, forming gases during fermentation.
Gas expands the intestines, bloating occurs, stretching of the intestinal walls - colic
occurs, pain syndrome.
The fermented lactose of milk or formula does not provide the baby with the necessary for growth and development components.
The cause of infant colic is physiological; it must be solved by physiological means.

It is important to break down the milk or mixtures, and not just eliminate gas bubbles.

Why is that?

Lactose is a major component in breast milk and formula milk. In

order for the milk to be assimilated, to bring maximum benefit to the

baby, it must be split by the enzyme lactase into glucose and galactose.

Glucose is the baby's main food source. Galactose is essential for the

development of the organs of vision and the nervous system.

Drops Mamalak - the baby is growing according to plan!
Eliminates the main cause of childhood colic, prevents their occurrence

Promotes the absorption of milk (breast milk or formula)
Promotes weight gain - baby grows according to plan

In case of lactose intolerance, Mamalak will be useful for adults as well.
Manifestations of lactase deficiency (lactose intolerance)
Bloating, abdominal fermentation, gurgling, cramping and colic
Stool disorder: constipation, diarrhea
Excessive gas formation after ingestion of dairy products and products containing
lactose (baked goods, sauces, sausages,
mayonnaise, cream)
Violation of intestinal microflora
Lactase deficiency can result from:
Acute intestinal infections
Inflammatory bowel disease
Food allergy
Celiac disease

Replacement therapy with lactase enzyme
Mamalak in capsules promotes:
Elimination of gas formation, fermentation,
gurgling in the stomach
Elimination of spasms and colic
Stool normalization
Restoration of normal intestinal microflora
Expansion of the diet and good nutrition
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What is the relationship of "intestinal colic" with lactase deficiency in infants?

According to research data, in more than half of children, intestinal colic is associated with a violation of the breakdown and assimilation of milk sugar lactose, which is the main carbohydrate in milk. This is due to a deficiency in the specific enzyme lactase, which breaks down this carbohydrate. As a result of a violation of the breakdown of lactose in the small intestine, it enters the large intestine, where the intestinal microflora ferments with the formation of a large number of gases that swell the intestinal walls and cause pain, which is manifested by crying and severe anxiety in the child (see the section on colic).

What are the causes of lactase deficiency?

•genetic tendency

•having a baby too early (prematurity) or with a low birth weight

•rotavirus infection, giardiasis, helminthic invasion

•allergic diseases and food allergies

•dysbiotic disorders of the intestinal microflora due to intestinal infections, taking antibiotics

•lesions of the mucous membrane of the small intestine as a result of celiac disease.

•In newborns and children in the first months of life, transient (temporary) lactase deficiency is more common due to the immaturity of the enzymatic systems of the child's gastrointestinal tract and insufficient production of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the main carbohydrate in milk lactose. Transient lactase deficiency is manifested by intestinal colic.

Which children have colic more often?

In children born prematurely (prematurely), in children with low birth weight, after suffering intestinal infections (more often rotavirus infection), in children with food allergies and intestinal microflora disorders (intestinal dysbiosis).

At what age can Mamalak be used?

According to the instructions for use, Mamalak can be taken from the first days of life.

How does Mamalak differ from other "colic remedies"?

To cope with colic, you need to know the cause of their occurrence, and in more than half of babies, this reason is insufficient production of the lactase enzyme due to the immaturity of the intestines, where it is produced. The enzyme lactase is essential for the digestion and absorption of breast milk or formula. When there is a lack of it, lactose, the main carbohydrate in milk, begins to ferment under the influence of intestinal microflora, gaziki are formed, which inflate the intestinal walls, causing bloating and colic. Many "colic remedies" are chemicals and only act on the gas bubbles that form. In contrast to them, Mamalak contains a natural enzyme lactase, which helps the child to digest milk, and, accordingly, gasses do not form and colic does not occur.

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