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Інформація, про лікарські засоби міститься в цьому розділі призначена виключно для ознайомлення медичних фахівців, і не може бути керівництвом для самостійної діагностики чи лікування.

Компанія Vorwarts Pharma не несе відповідальності за можливі негативні наслідки, що виникли в результаті самостійного використання інформації, що міститься на цій сторінці. Застосування лікарських засобів (в тому числі рецептурних) можливо тільки за призначенням лікаря після попередньої консультації з ним, при цьому самолікування може завдати шкоди вашому здоров'ю.
Я підтверджую, що ознайомлений(-на) з текстом і підтверджую свою згоду з ним.
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Mamalak - enjoy life even with lactose intolerance!
Helps eliminate the manifestations of lactase deficiency
Lactase deficiency is a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, necessary for the assimilation of the main carbohydrate of milk, lactose, due to the absence or insufficiency of its production.
Fermented lactose disrupts the formation of normal intestinal microflora
Lactose is not broken down, but fermented, gases are formed during fermentation
Gases rupture the intestine, there is bloating, stretching of the intestinal wall - there are spasms, flatulence, pain, bloating
Lactase enzyme deficiency
Manifestations of lactase deficiency
Violation of the intestinal microflora
Flatulence, bloating, grunting, cramps, colic
Stool disorders, constipation, diarrhea
Excessive gas formation after products containing lactose
Lactase deficiency can be a consequence
Celiac disease
Acute intestinal infections
Inflammatory bowel disease
Food allergies
Where is lactose contained?
Lactose is found in milk and all products based on it: ice cream, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and products that contain "hidden" lactose
Candy, artificial cream, condensed milk
Ready oatmeal for breakfast
Dairy products
Bread and other bakery products
Ready-made meat dishes, sauces and salad dressings
Is it possible to live without lactose?
Milk, kefir, cheese - it's fun for many people!
It is possible, but ......
Milk contains about 20 amino acids (with essential amino acids in milk more than in meat or vegetable protein), more than 20 vitamins and 25 minerals
Milk is the main source of Ca - an essential macronutrient, the lack of which leads to conditions such as caries, increased bone fragility, brittle nails and hair.
Lactose, which is found in milk and dairy products, improves and maintains intestinal health by promoting the growth of lactobacilli, which increase local immunity in the gut and eliminate the effects of stress.
Is it possible to live without lactose?
Expanding the diet and nutrition
Normalization of the chair
Elimination of spasms and colic
Restoration of normal intestinal microflora
Elimination of flatulence, fermentation, rumbling in the abdomen
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At what age can you give Mamalak drops?

Mamalak is allowed from the first birthday.
Is it possible not to give Mamalak at night during feeding?
Can not. Mamalak should be given to the baby before each breastfeeding or formula feeding
Gave more drops than required by the instructions. What shall I do?
Mamalak is absolutely safe for a child. It is not absorbed, so it does not cause side effects. If the enzyme is given more than needed, the rest will transit through the intestines.
How many times a day should a child be given Mamalak?
According to the instructions for use, it is recommended to take Mamalak before each breastfeeding, formula feeding or food containing carbohydrate lactose
Does Mamalak not inhibit the production of the child's own enzyme lactase?
No, Mamalak, on the contrary, stimulates the production of its own lactase.
When is it recommended to reduce the dose of Mamalak?
By the end of the 3-4th (sometimes 6th) month, when the own enzyme lactase begins to be produced and the symptoms of transient (temporary) lactase deficiency pass.
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