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A decisive remedy
for colds and SARS
to support immunity
How to strengthen and enhance immunity
body in the season of colds and flu?
The child is going to a new team,
kindergarten, school. How to take care of the immunity?
Is the child often ill? How to strengthen immunity?
Are you going with the child to the sea, to a summer camp? How to avoid acclimatization and not spoil the rest?
Is the child irritable, falls asleep poorly, often tired, asthenic?
How to strengthen and increase immunity in the season of colds and flu? Soon the cold season. During this period, it is especially important to pay attention to the state of our immune system. You need physical activity, enough sleep and rest, as well as a balanced healthy diet.

Many people strengthen their body by hardening with cold water, but do not get carried away with such radical methods. A contrast shower will be a more effective and safe solution. It strengthens not only the immune system, but also the walls of blood vessels, and also teaches us both the low temperature and its differences, which is extremely important in the cold season.
To increase the body's resistance to respiratory diseases, you need to eat foods rich in vitamin A (carotene). B vitamins, ZINC, Vitamin D3, vitamin C.

Garlic, onions, lemons, ginger are famous for their healing properties. But keep in mind that large amounts of these foods in the diet can irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, everything should be taken in moderation.

Bewell will help to adjust immunity - a safe immunocorrector for adults and children from 3 years. Contains Epicor-natural immunomodulator, vitamins D3, C and zinc.
It's no secret that when a child attends school or kindergarten, the number of contacts increases significantly, so he begins to get sick about 2 times more often than usual, "We go to kindergarten for a week, we are treated at home for two." Unfortunately, all parents face this.
In the new team, the child begins to exchange new, previously unknown viruses, to adapt, due to which the process of forming immunity. Parents begin to strengthen the child's immunity when she is already ill.

And it is desirable to heal, harden and vitaminize the child's body constantly. And to strengthen immunity in advance. Bivel - adapt and adjust immunity during seasonal risks.
Children who are often ill are designations for children with weakened immune systems who grow up in an environment that prevents their immune system from adapting properly. It is important to know about the possible causes of common diseases to prevent the development of diseases.
The most common factors of respiratory diseases are:
  • unformed immune system;
  • unfavorable ecological zone;
  • violation of the rules of sanitary hygiene, lack of normal social and living conditions;
  • attending kindergarten at an early age;
  • malnutrition;
  • deficiency or excess of vitamins;
  • intestinal dysbacteriosis;
  • foci of chronic infection in the body;
  • dysfunction of the endocrine glands;
  • allergic diseases;
  • helminthiasis;
  • improper antibacterial treatment;
  • frequent psycho-emotional stress.
To ensure that your child is not at risk for colds, follow these rules:
  • unformed immune system;
  • balanced nutrition;
  • observance of the daily routine;
  • various methods of hardening.
Do not forget also about vitamins useful for immunity: D3, C, A.

Bewell is a reliable and safe helper for adaptation and adjustment of immunity.
  • Good sleep and adherence to the regime are necessary to maintain physical, emotional health, full development. This is especially true in childhood, when there is a development and formation of many organs and systems.
  • 120 minutes after falling asleep, the synthesis of growth hormone is activated. The earlier a child falls asleep, the faster and more efficient the processes of tissue growth and muscle recovery will be. Impaired mode reduces physical activity or, conversely, leads to hyperactivity. Such consequences are caused by disturbance of psychological stability.
  • During the day the child receives a large amount of information. During rest, the brain sorts it out, gets rid of unnecessary memories and leaves important moments. A child's healthy sleep has a positive effect on memorizing information.
  • Insomnia negatively affects the immune system. To maintain and improve the body's natural defenses, it is important to go to bed on time. Regular healthy sleep promotes the production of T lymphocytes, which are necessary for the formation of the immune response to various diseases, viruses and infections. Lack of sleep increases the level of stress hormone - cortisol. And it negatively affects the work of the defense forces.
  • Bewell - adapt and adjust immunity during stress and asthenia.
During the summer holidays, people are often faced with the concept of acclimatization. Babies suffer from this more severely than adults, due to the immaturity of the immune system. Acclimatization in children manifests itself in a variety of symptoms. Usually children have fever, nausea and vomiting, increased or decreased blood pressure, weakness, apathy, fear, anxiety. During this period, the immune system is significantly reduced, so the body is not able to fully resist viruses and infections. Exacerbation of chronic diseases may be observed.
In order not to spoil the rest, take care in advance of the means to adapt the immune system. Bivel-rest will be Well.
Бівел — adapt and adjust immunity during SARS and allergies
Vitamin D3
Reduces the body's susceptibility to infections
Immune response modulator
Regulatory effect on the immune system, provides antimicrobial protection and barrier function of mucous membranes
A powerful antioxidant
Promotes the formation of interferon for the adaptation of immunity in SARS
Vitamin C
A strong antioxidant
A necessary trace element in the modulation of immunity
Protective effect on mucous membranes in viral, bacterial, fungal infections
Has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties
Activates the production of immunoglobulins
Helps strengthen both local and systemic immunity
Beta-1,3 / 1,6-glucan - a powerful immunomodulator that adjusts the immune response
contributes to:
Adjusting immunity before the cold season and at the first signs of SARS
Restoration of immune balance under stress, asthenia, sleep disorders and allergies
Reducing the risk of bacterial complications in SARS
Reducing the incidence and severity of SARS in frequent and long-term ill children
Rapid elimination of SARS
Accelerate recovery from SARS and colds
When needed
At the first symptoms of SARS and influenza
For the prevention of SARS in the cold season
Often sick children to reduce the incidence and severity of respiratory infections
With manifestations of seasonal allergies
Allowed both for the prevention and in the acute period of SARS and colds
Contains a safe immunomodulator, vitamins and antioxidants
Does not contain alcohol, safe for children, pleasant to the taste
Convenient reception once a day
High security, does not deplete your own immune system
Fast action and high bioavailability due to the synergy of 4 components
for allergies
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At what age can Bivel, the doctor prescribed for both children, one 4 years, the other 10. How to take, because the instructions are written from 3 and all?
Good day!

Bewell is taken 5 ml once a day from 3 years to 9 years, from 9 to 14 to 10 ml, from 14 years and adults - 15 ml per day.
Bless you!
The child caught a cold, sneezing, cough, fever, sore throat. The doctor prescribed Bewell for a week. In 2 days all the symptoms have passed, the child feels fine, should we continue to take it as prescribed by the doctor, or as in the instructions? The instructions say 24 days, tell me, please.
Good day.
Bewell can be taken as a means to quickly get rid of a cold to recover faster, and to reduce the risk of complications (bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis) and to prevent SARS in the cold season. For the prevention of SARS and to adjust the immune system - 24 days, with complications of SARS - 24 days to recover faster, and then strengthen the weakened immune system. If you started from the first day, you have become much better and there are no complications - great, take as prescribed by your doctor - for 7 days. But it will not be superfluous to give Bewell for a week to restore immunity, which was depleted by the virus.
Can Bewell be taken with Groprinosin? So the doctor prescribed us a 5-year-old child with a cold and cough.
Yes, Bivel can be taken with Groprinosin. Groprinosim has a direct antiviral effect, and Bewell adapts and adjusts the body's defenses, adjusts the first level of immunity to overcome colds. Bewell is safe, does not cause depletion of immunity. After recovery, you can take Bivel for up to 24 days to restore immunity and reduce the risk of frequent SARS.
The son had bronchitis, was prescribed antibiotics, Gerbion cough syrup, Bivel. There are no indications for bronchitis in Bewell, should it be drunk?
Good day!
Bivel contains Epicor-powerful immunomodulator, which accelerates recovery from SARS and the effects of SARS (bronchitis, sinusitis). Therefore, Bivel was prescribed to you correctly, take it for faster recovery and to strengthen the immune system, so that the body can better cope with the infection. Bewell is often recommended for long-term children to reduce the frequency and severity of SARS.
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