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We are presented on the market of Ukraine with unique dietary supplements of foreign and vitality for all your familly
Food supplements Vorwarts Pharma
IMMUNOFLAZID® — plant complex that enhances the natural protection of the organism

Evision ™ - support for the functioning of the visual organs
Evisio ™ can be used as an additional source of vitamins A and E, have antioxidant properties and macular pigments - lutein and zeaxanthin, which have a beneficial effect on eye health. The components of the complex help maintain normal visual functions, maintain visual acuity, protect the visual organs from excessive amounts of free radicals and overload.
In addition, the carotenoids of lutein and zeaxanthin protect the retina, increase tolerance and a sense of comfort when exposed to sunlight and "blue light" screens of devices.
Thus, Evisio ™ can be recommended for use to support the functioning of the visual organs:
- prevent the development of visual acuity disorders;
- help protect the eyes from overload;
- eliminate the feeling of fatigue of the visual organs;
- help reduce the negative impact of "blue light" on device screens;
- maintain normal sensitivity to contrast image.
Product: suspension for oral administration of 120 ml.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Sorbury® - supports the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract
Sorbury® can be used as an additional source of natural nutrients (inulin, silibin, phosphatidylcholine, luteolin, apigenin, etc.) that help maintain the health of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract.
The combination of vitamins C and E with extracts of chicory, artichoke and chamomile helps to improve the detoxification capabilities of the liver. The complex of silibin and phosphatidylcholine has antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties.
Product: suspension for internal use of 120 ml.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Manuro ™, 14 SASHES OF 5.8 GR.
Manuro is the best remedy for cystitis
Manuro is a unique remedy that has already helped thousands of women cure genitourinary problems and avoid them in the future. For example, the risks of developing chronic cystitis are always high - this is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the reproductive system, the entry into the body of pathogenic microorganisms pathogens. The chances increase in the presence of autoimmune diseases, high salt concentration, excessive love of drugs, hormonal disorders, sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the woman begins to feel regular false urges to urinate, burning, pain in the lower abdomen.
Manuri prevents the development of chronic cystitis and eliminates existing disease due to the complex effects on the body. The composition of the supplement includes a set of natural substances - potassium citrate, magnesium, D-mannose, inulin, hesperidin, diosmin. The natural antibiotic D-mannose - the main active ingredient - prevents the attachment of pathogenic bacteria to the mucous membrane of the bladder, as well as enhances their removal. Diosmin with hesperidin relieves swelling of the mucous membranes, eliminates the inflammatory process. Magnesium and potassium citrates are needed to improve the performance of D-mannose, inulin restores healthy flora. As a result, Manuri normalizes the functioning of the urinary system, strengthens the immune system, restores health.
Manuri is a safe and natural herbal preparation produced in Europe according to strict quality standards. The package contains 14 sachets, each 5.8 mg. The additive tastes good, which simplifies its reception. Sasha needs to dissolve in a glass of water, drink. Up to 3 receptions a day. The convenient form of release of a supplement allows to take it with itself on a trip and to use anywhere.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Potency: causes of problems, and how Adolix will help you
Problems with potency, unfortunately, are not uncommon, but there are ways to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence. A healthy lifestyle in this case will be your main ally. Run, swim, play tennis, just walk more. The second point is to reduce stress levels, because psycho-emotional overload is not good for anyone. Bad habits also slowly but surely destroy health. B vitamins and Omega-3 have a good effect on potency. If it makes sense to take additional drugs such as Adolix.
Adolix has already helped thousands of men recover. Problems with urination, soreness of the process, frequent urges, decreased libido - a short list of age-related male problems. The reasons are different - insufficient mobility, infectious, sexually transmitted diseases, urological pathologies, alcohol abuse.
Adolix due to its unique balanced composition provides a gentle effective effect on the prostate. Dwarf palm, nettle root, lycopene, vitamin E normalizes the state of the reproductive system, activates the blood supply to the genitals, reduces pain, restore urination, prevent the development of adenomas. Lycopene is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, enters the appendages and increases sperm activity. Vitamin E has pronounced antioxidant properties, provides prevention of diseases of the male genital area.
Adolix is ​​a product of European production, available in the form of capsules. In one pack there is a pair of blisters of 15 capsules. Inside each unit is an oil solution that has a high degree of absorption and assimilation. Two capsules a day will be enough to restore and maintain health.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Salviren is an effective and natural remedy for cystitis
Sedentary lifestyle, frequent hypothermia, bacterial, infectious infections, hormonal disorders, blood stasis in the pelvic organs - the main causes of disorders of the genitourinary system. As a result, various chronic diseases can develop, the main one being cystitis. It is accompanied by burning, pain of varying intensity when urinating, regular urges to the toilet, discomfort in the lower abdomen.
Salviren contains plant components that comprehensively affect the causes of cystitis. The product contains cranberry extract, sage, vitamin C. Cranberry extract prevents the attachment of harmful bacteria to the walls of the bladder mucosa, effectively blocks the processes of their reproduction, relieves inflammation. In sage is Salvin, which has antimicrobial, antiseptic action. Vitamin C strengthens the walls of blood vessels, regenerates tissue structures, strengthens the immune system.
Salviren is a 100% natural herbal product in encapsulated form. One pack contains a pair of blisters of 15 capsules each. The solution has an oily consistency, is well absorbed. The daily norm for an adult is 2 capsules.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Climax - breathe exactly with Feminorm
It is possible to feel healthy, full of forces after 40 years, but, as a rule, medical support is required. The children have grown up, the career is going uphill, there is still a lot of energy for travel and new achievements - the main thing is that the case is not overshadowed by menopause and the associated unpleasant symptoms.
Climax is a fairly long stage in a woman's life, which is accompanied by a constant decrease in the production of the hormone estrogen in the ovaries. Reproductive function ends, that is, a woman cannot have children.
The beginning of postmenopause is considered to be a year since the last menstruation. The symptoms will be related, again, to a deficiency of estrogen produced outside the ovaries. Estrogens in a woman's body are responsible not only for the birth of children, but also for the health of bones, muscles, blood vessels, heart, excretory system. The result - osteoporosis begins, teeth are destroyed, heart pathologies, problems in urology are disturbed.
Feminorm helps to eliminate the main signs of menopause. The extract of hop cones gently and effectively corrects the hormonal background, prevents attacks of aggression, hot flashes, restores sleep, fights sweating. Primrose oil relieves pain, regulates blood pressure, supports the skin and hair. Vitamins K2, D3, B6 enhance the action of the first two components, improve physical and mental performance, absorption of calcium by bones, strengthen the skeleton. Vitamin B is also the main remedy for irritability and anxiety.
Feminorm is a plant product produced in encapsulated form. In total in packing there are 2 blisters each on 15 capsules.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Femirose against PMS
Yesterday everything was fine, but now the mood jumps, throws in the heat, you want something tasty, and crying changes with aggression? Compare with the personal calendar - probably soon these days, which cause cataclysms with well-being.
At the heart of the premenstrual syndrome is fluctuations in hormones. The female body produces too much, and problems with neuroendocrine regulation of systems and organs begin. The uterus hurts due to endometrial rejection - the process begins long before the immediate bleeding. Excessive accumulation of blood, mucous membranes in the body causes it to stretch and, as a result, pain.
Take a contrast shower, do not smoke, keep the positive and be sure to please yourself with something delicious. Strengthen the nervous system, take vitamins, sedatives to increase resistance to stress. Femirose's reception gives quick relief.
Femirosis helps women to find inner harmony, supports during hormonal changes. "Special days" are really special - they are accompanied by a lot of unpleasant symptoms, deterioration of health. Sweating, headaches, tenderness, swelling of the chest, low back and abdominal pain - only the main, but not a complete list of negative manifestations. Femirosis is a product of plant origin, eliminates all the main symptoms of PMS, helps a woman to find and maintain harmony.
Active ingredients - evening primrose oil, saffron extract, vitamins E, B6. Primrose oil corrects the content of prolactin, reduces the pain of the mammary glands, eliminates inflammatory processes, strengthens the immune system. Saffron extract has an antidepressant effect, reduces appetite. Vitamins B6, E cope well with edema, significantly improve the condition of hair, skin, fight irritability.
Femirose is a safe and effective product that is manufactured by a European company. Release form - intestinal capsules. The package contains several blisters, each containing 15 capsules. It is enough to take 2 capsules a day.
Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.
The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
Folidin - the basic components in one pill!

Vitamins and trace elements necessary for you and your unborn baby during planning, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A source of folic acid and iodine will help meet your increased needs for them during conception planning, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Folic acid (vitamin B9) - plays an important role in cell division, growth of tissues and organs, reduces the risk of developing neural tube defects in the fetus. Iodine promotes the development of the brain and intelligence of the unborn baby.

Not a medicine. Dietary supplement.

The effectiveness of the tool is individual.
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